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Postby kunkmiester » Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:47 pm

I do see the end of some of the issues I've been having coming soon. The creatr, while not as nice as I'd hoped for, is much better than I would have expected from some of the other lower end printers.

I'm working on starting a business doing 3d printing right now, and took a look at the xeed. Last time I saw it was still in beta, so it was surprising what the details on it were now. It looks to be a better machine for running a business with.

Anyone here got one or seen one?
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Re: xeed

Postby Arno_Millenaar » Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:15 am

I think what you need to ask yourself is what will you be printing. The Xeed has a closed chamber that would help when printing ABS. Still you can buy 4 Creatrs for the price of one Xeed. The underlying technology is however the same between the Xeed and the Creatr and for example share the same control board. The Xeed however has some fancy auto-loading for the filament, a closed chamber and a more sophisticated LCD user control panel. And to be fair the Xeed really looks great !

So it comes down to 'can you afford it' or should you even better consider buying 1 x Creatr and in addition 1 x Xeed. You could then use the Creatr for 'research/tinkering' and use the Xeed as your production machine.

Still I have no hands-on experience with the Xeed and recently has a custom build machine co-made with two separate extruders (BullDog XL + E3D) for being able to print multiple (similar) object concurrently. Also just purchased a B9Creator DLP/SLA printer for a special project that requires sub 50 umm detail. However with the B9Creator the size of the objects is limited and the expense is much higher. This is why this type of DLP/SLA printer is popular with people who design and make jewelry. The level of details of the B9Creator is even better than the current best laser SLA printers in the market with price tickets way above $60-100k. FYI the B9Creator HD has a spot resolution of 30 umm where the best Laser SLA is around 200-300 umm spot-resolution (do not confuse spot-resolution with X/Y/Z resolution). For a typical FDM printer such as the Creat/Makerbot etc your spot-resolution can somewhat be compared with your extrusion width. However for best results a FDM printer extrusion width should be about 1.2 to 1.4 times Nozzle width. So with FDM technology we will never get close to what DLP/SLA can achieve when comparing 'spot-resolution'.

So it all comes down to what are you going to print and at what price ?
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