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Higher quality of prints with LC...?

These changes will void your warranty. Use at your own risk!

Higher quality of prints with LC...?

Postby NapierDeltic » Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:45 pm

Hi everybody,

This is my first post on this forum or elsewhere Leapfrog related.
This is both an SOS and an improvement discussion topic.
I will begin with the real beginning (meaning pre- leapfrog era). Being H0 scale addicted i bought a CTC dual (replicator clone) - reason being printing support for H0 scale layouts: buildings, bridges, even cars, locomotives...I must say that CTC has proven very reliable and very good in terms of fine scale abilities. Though, it seems I have reached its limits before I was fully satisfied with detailing in H0. So i have oriented to what I have considered a sturdier platform - that being Leapfrog Creatr.
So I have bought (since 3 weeks) an used LC built in 2014. What I can say is that in my opinion it should give full satisfaction for the purpose it was intended. Having Y twice longer than Replicator clone above, it has both sturdier 12mm y axes and overall much sturdier aluminium construction.
I have cleaned mechanics and exchanged X/Y rods and expected for good print results. Though, the result was not that expected; print quality being flawed by several symptoms, like angled banding on prints(at least this is the therm which seems to describe the issue).
Searching on Leapfrog site, I found instructions about firmware update so I have proceeded with that.
The issue I have now is the following:
Both X and Y axes, when homing, had the protocol to go faster speed to homing position, depart about 5 mm in slow speed, go to homing in slow speed. Now they are going fast to home, depart cca 5mm fast, get home fast and repeat this sequence about 4-5 times for each axis, finally getting home. It doesn't seem normal.
The other problem - Leapfrog looked quite noisy from the beginning and this is anyhow one thing I want to correct. But after firmware update it seemed to me it has become even noisier. Exactly, while x axis is still almost quiet at low speeds, Y axis makes a distinct strong BUZZ low/medium frequency noise while moving. And this is related to jogging in Repetier at the lowest speed setting allowed, that is 25%. At this speed anyhow the travelling speed of carriage on Y looks to me in the range of 10-20mm/s which I believe is too high for lowest ever. After reading several post on the forum, it looks like -after any firmware update - I should have selected load defaults to EPROM in Repetier -which I haven't - yet. Unfortunately only in weekends I can work on my printer to notice differences.
This is the current status, but I want to go further to improve quality of prints up-to a reasonable limit including changes to electronics board or switching to different extruder/type; even Bowden.
I will stop for the moment because long talk does not bring benefit, but first I want to get help to clear the issue with noise/homing and after I will add more details and I want to talk about electronics improvements mainly - considering for mechanics I already have available a collection of 3D parts (does not mean discussion closed on mechanics). I want to mention that my knowledge in RepRap electronics is modest so please use as much as possible common notions. Ultimate goal is support for generic definition of a better quality printer -speed is really not a target for me when compared with precision and reproducibility.

Waiting for your support,
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