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Please read

Please read!

Please read

Postby Genesisfactor » Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:03 pm


***Please register if you want to see the WHOLE forums. Some areas are members only, such as Support!***

Right now, our mission statement is to provide a better forum infrastructure while Leapfrog works on theirs. This is FOR USERS, BY USERS. This is a SYMBIOTIC relationship. We are not trying to supplant or replace, but rather just get fellow users to help and the answers to their questions faster. This is why we have the funky name. As such, we will work with Leapfrog in whatever manner, even if it means shutting down (which we will vote on of course).

  • You will find that this forum is easier to use. You can post pictures, links, videos, PM each other...its just like the other forums that we are used to :).
  • This forum lives and breathes on your submissions and help. Please post useful information often, in BOTH forums if you want! We want the migration to their future forums to be smooth as possible and no information lost! :)
  • There is a place for helping newcomers to 3D printing. PLEASE help them and post up tutorials. We ALL know this is a high learning curve topic of interest. Initial user satisfaction is important for the Creatr to be recommended to others and to grow!
  • If you are the author of a great piece of work on the forums, and wish to, please ADD it to an appropriate forum section.
  • If you like a post that isn't yours, DO NOT COPY IT OVER WITHOUT PERMISSION. It isn't yours. You can work on something LIKE it, but please don't steal without permission.
  • This is not necessarily a place for corporate tech support. If any one of them wishes to join and help, we do appreciate it, HOWEVER, such inquiries would best be suited in their home support forum. If you would like, we'd appreciate if you came back and posted your problem AND solution in the Tips and Tricks Section in a way that will help future users.
  • Thanks to KVR, you can upload pictures, STLs (in zip), documents and stuff. Please don't abuse this maliciously (viruses and stuff), or i'll have to ban you and put up more protections, which would suck
  • We will start a wiki soon.
  • There is a "THANK YOU" system. Give thanks to the awesome people who help you! We all know Rodrigo will hog them all though...;)

#1 reason why to post here AS WELL:
You probably came to the Official forum with a question, scanned it, didn't find the answer, and posted a new topic. The problem is, that question MIGHT HAVE BEEN ASKED EARLIER. The forum doesn't allow us, currently, to go back past the first page of posts. We lost a question and, more importantly, the SOLUTION. If you post up your questions here as well, we discuss it, and then you edit your original post with the solution, whether or not it was solved here or there, when the next person comes with a similar problem, the answer is waiting for them with a quick search :).

Thanks everyone for everything and thank you, Leapfrog, for the Creatr. Happy printing everyone!

P.S. All Leapfrog people, if you could PM me so that we can elevate your status, properly identify you in the forums, and give you some admin rights. We thank you for your contributions, your help, and your products!

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